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Štátna školská inšpekcia
Štátna školská inšpekcia

SICI & International Cooperation


SICI is organisation of national and regional inspectorates of education in Europe was founded in 1995 and at the moment has 29 members operating in the school quality and educational evaluation field. The member institutions mostly share public status and are funded by national or regional governments.
ŠŠI – State School Inspectorate has been an associated member since 2000 and the regular member since 2003.
SICI is a platform for exchange of information, experience and knowledge. The aim of mutual cooperation is to strengthen the quality of school inspection, to learn from each other and built on it.
The main objectives of SICI are to provide services to its members – to develop professional expertise of inspectorates and their staff through specialised workshops, professional networks, joint projects, a newsletter and an interactive website:

SICI also contributes to the understanding of education developments in Europe. It is done by comparative research, European projects and by active participation in conferences and seminars.
Membership in this professional platform provides ŠŠI with a unique opportunity to develop professionally, to find partners for bilateral cooperation willing to share their expertise, offering their experience and generously sharing their knowledge.

Recent and running SICI projects include:
Effective School Self Evaluation (ESSE), International ICT School Portraits (ERNIST), Comparative Analysis of Teaching an Learning (ICALT), Peer Learning (P2P) and Validation of Peer Learning Practices (P2V). More info on SICI website .
You will also find information on coming events and on recent and running projects SICI members are involved in.
There are posted also SICI members‘ profiles informing about the mission and work of these institutions. For further information please contact the SICI Secretariat

Other aspects and assets of SICI cooperation

One of the aims of SICI is the exchange of materials, strategies and cooperation in projects and workshops. We have much to learn from each other.
SICI also works together with other multilateral organisations: European Schoolnet , the European Commission, OECD and CIDREE.

The SICI Inspection Academy (SIA)

aims to provide a wide range of support materials and expertise for the inspectorates that make up SICI. The SICI Inspection Academy seeks to streamline and coordinate these exchanges, as well as to contribute to specific training and development needs.
The SICI Inspection Academy is planning to include an electronic database to be accessed through a password-protected portal of the SICI website to spread the information among members.
SICI members will be able to benefit from an electronic database which has a rich and substantial collection of internationally transferable materials
State School Inspectorate (SSI) involvements with SICI

Besides participation at the above mentioned SICI conferences or interactive workshops,
SSI - State School Inspectorate has been lately involved in three projects:

I. ICALT – Comparative Analysis of Teaching and Learning 2007 – 2008

II. IPSI – Innovative Practices in School Inspection - Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO project

Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO mobility project Innovation Practices in School Inspection (IPSI) has been prepared in the close cooperation with the partner institution HMIE – Her Majesty Inspectorate of Education in Scotland, UK with the aim to observe and follow the professional capacity of the host institution to bring innovations into the current work of SSI, responsible for the objective external evaluation of school, school facilities and quality of education in Slovakia. State School Inspection has aimed to develop the mutual project with the internationally renowned institution- SICI member- in the field of school inspection to enhance the ongoing professional development of their staff. 15 school inspectors and managers from SSI have participated in a study trip during 2008 and 2009 and got acquainted with the Scottish inspection models and procedures. HMIE colleagues devoted a lot of effort to provide all necessary information and prepare a tailor-made programme for the participants from SSI.
The aims and objectivesof IPSI project:
to promote intercultural dialogue, networking and partnership, to provide work-based learning opportunities for members of the Slovak Inspectorate to share and develop their skills and competencies in inspection-related work, to consider the feasibility and implications for Slovak inspections of introducing innovative developments, the use of self-evaluation, peer monitoring and coaching among Scottish inspectors, compare and contrast the arrangements for recruitment and induction of new inspectors, continuous professional development of inspection team members, to consider innovative approaches adopted in Scottish education to enhance quality, to explore the range of innovative practices performed by the Scottish inspectorate, etc.
The inputs from HMIE and gained experience has been used in further inspection instruments and procedures development. The lessons learned from all aspects of the study visits have got impact on SSI work. The further promotion of innovative educational policy and practices in Scotland is our constant goal for improvement.

III. EU- funded project “EXTERNAL EVALUATION of SCHOOL QUALITY supporting SELF-EVALUATION PROCEDURES to improve the school development and quality”

The activity 2.1. of the project has involved the close cooperation with partner institution abroad within the scope of external and internal evaluation to use the experience in preparation of the model for self-evaluation in Slovakia. Due to our good contacts with the Dutch colleagues within SICI, we were able to prepare the suitable work programme for the 5-day study trip of 5 school inspectors from SSI in May 2010. Our partner institution - INSPECTIE van het ONDERWIJS has invested a lot of time and effort to provide all relevant information and organise activities fitting our further project objectives. We have learned a lot about the Dutch school system, their standards, frameworks, procedures and instruments of external and internal evaluation, the system of analysis, dealing with risk based assessment, etc. During our stay we could participate in the SICI Workshop on “Using Student Achievement Data for School Inspections”, which was a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from different European countries and discuss themes of professional interest. School inspectors involved in the project had a chance to visit a Dutch school, to shadow Dutch colleagues during their inspection, to meet representatives of various institutions (CITO, VO-Raad, NSO) in educational context. In the last day we have discussed the mutual impact of the study trip and further cooperation. The outcomes gained during the study trip will be used effectively in the next phase of the project.