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Štátna školská inšpekcia
Štátna školská inšpekcia



Welcome on the website of the State School Inspection - SSI.

  • State School Inspection in the Slovak Republic has been set by law on the 1st January 2000.
  • The State School Inspection is independent in its work and acts in accordance with laws and other valid legal norms, acts and decrees, especially Act No 596/2003 Z.z. on School organisation and school local governance that identifies the scope of SSI competences and activities.
  • The SSI – performs the supervisory function on behalf of the State. The school inspectorate supevises and observes the quality of education and it is responsible for evaluating the quality of school management, the teaching and learning process, the material and technical conditions including practical training in schools and other educational facilities.
  • SSI registrated headquartres is situated in Bratislava and 8 regional SSI centres are the executive branches of the State School Inspection in the Slovak Republic. It is financed from the budget of the Ministry of Education.
  • The main authority is the Senior Chief Inspector who is installed in the position by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport.


PaedDr. Viera Kalmárová
Senior Chief School Inspector