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Štátna školská inšpekcia
Štátna školská inšpekcia

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October – Norway, Oslo – SICI General Assembly and international Workshop “Facilitating Change – Communication and Inspection”

Representatives of the State School Inspectorate, Mrs. Adriana Vykydalová, deputy senior Chief Inspector and school inspector Mrs. Jana Handzelová attended the 20th SICI General Assembly and Workshop, “Facilitating Change – Communication and Inspection”, hosted by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, prepared in cooperation with SICI.

The main topics of the conference:

  • effective communication
  • better understanding of written communication
  • media and new technologies – threat or opportunity
  • digital communication
  • new concepts of communication – dialogue as a tool for local progress
  • interactive form of presenting the annual report to stakeholders

The highlighted topic  was the exchange of information and experience in the area of  communication with schools prior, during and after inspections.  

During the discussion the participants shared the specific concepts,  methods,  documents  used as tools of effective oral and written communication  in the preparation phase, during the inspection and  while presenting the outcomes of inspection findings.


New Senior Chief School Inspector was appointed

On 12th March 2015, Ms Viera Kalmárová was appointed Senior Chief School Inspector of the State School Inspectorate by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport.


October 14th – 17th 2014 – Dresden, Saxony – Germany – „The Impact of Inspection – Still an Unanswered Question?“

SICI International Conference and SICI General Assembly – Business Part
SSI SICI coordinator – Ms. Zuzana Lukačková has represented the State School Inspectorate at the SICI International Conference and General Assembly 2014 which was hosted by the Saxon Institute of Education in Dresden from 15th to 17th October 2014.
The Saxon Institute of Education in cooperation with SICI Executive Committee have developed programe to stimulate discussion on the impact of inspection. This topic is crucial for the inspection of school quality accross Europe and world-wide and can be answered from different points of view.

September 17th – 19th 2014 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands „Social Outcomes of Education – „Inspecting School Quality“

The representative of the State School Inspectorate, Ms. Zuzana Lukačková, attended the conference organized by SICI, the Dutch Inspectorate and the University of Amsterdam that was held in Amsterdam mid September. The event was attended by 117 participants from 22 different countries.
The conference was focusing on social outcomes of education and the latest developments in evaluation of the schools´effort and results in promoting social and societal attitudes and skills.

June 18th – 20th 2014 – Turkey, Istanbul – „6th International Education Supervision Congress – Egitim Denetimi Kongresi“

The 6th International congres on educational supervision was held in Istanbul by colleagues from TEMSEN – the national organisation of school inspectors in Turkey. The country is in the process of reforming the inspection system and was interested to learn about different approaches of school evaluation. The new member of SICI – TEMSEN invited representatives of 6 SICI members (Scotland, Lower Saxony, Flanders, Rhineland Palatina, the Netherland and Slovakia) to present their inspections systems.
The representative of SSI – Ms. Zuzana Lukačková presented the activities and innovative concepts of the State school Inspectorate and stressed the importance of international cooperation within SICI context.

May 26th – 28th 2014 – Vilnius, Lithuania  – „The impact of Internal and External Evaluation of the Quality in Schools“

The aims of the SICI event:
- to discuss the impact of internal and external evaluation on the improvement
of the quality in schools;
- to discuss the relationship between evaluation and creativity
- to discuss how evaluation influences support for schools

2 participants from the State School Inspectorate – Mrs. Jarmila Braunová and Ms. Zuzana Lukačková attended the SICI event prepared and hosted by the colleagues from the National Agency for School Evaluation in Vilnius and actively participated in the group discussions and presentation of the discusion outcomes. The main topics of the SICI event were about changing the culture of inspection to be more creative, equal rights to quality for everyone, legal and pedagogical aspects of external evaluation.
The programme and the presentations are available at:

April 9th – 11th 2014

Group 2. 6 school evaluators from ZZS – Bureau for Education Services - Montenegro visited SSI Headquarters and Regional Inspection Center in Bratislava – exchanged the information on educational systems, external evaluation methodology, instruments and data processing, etc. They also discussed the inspection process with ZŠ Prokofievova – the school in Petržalka, where the full inspection had been carried by ŠŠI in previous period. Discussions on issues of common interest were considered as a useful tool of professional development by both partners.




March 27 th – 29 th 2014 – St. Julien, Malta – international conference and workshop:
„Evaluation for Improvement and Accountability: striking the right balance; Alternative school inspection and evaluation models“.

Participants from the State school inspectorate – Ms. Zuzana Lukačková, Ms. Jana Handzelová attended the SICI event in Malta and actively participated in the workshop, which was attended by 81 participants from 13 different countries. The conference provided an opportunity to get to know about different practices and school evaluation models within SICI and OECD. Through mixture of valuable presentations, school visits and group discussions, the workshop gave an opportunity to reflect on options the different school systems were trying to resolve within the context of evaluation for accountability and evaluation for school improvement. The participants from SSI shared the experience and information provided during the in-service training of SSI school inspectors.
5 key-note speakers:
Claire Shewbridge – analyst OECD,
Ian Mifsud – Director Quality Assurance, Malta
Harold Hislop – Chief Inspector, Department of Education and Skills, Ireland,
Juhani Rautopuro – Finnish National Board of Education,
Kari Kivinin – Secretary General, European Schools.
The programme and the conference report are available at:

March 19th-22nd 2014

Group 1. The management of Bureau for education services – 5 experts from Montenegro visited the Parliament and the Ministry of Education, MPC – Methodological center for teachers and discussed the issues of commom interest with SSI representatives and school inspectors. Further possible cooperation had been discussed, as well as innovative concepts in external evaluation of school quality. Montenegro has been looking for inspiration in the process of change in their system of school evaluation.




Cooperation with ZZS – Zavod za skolstvo, Podgorica, Montenegro

2 groups of external school quality evaluators from Montenegro visited Bratislava in spring 2014. Study visits of supervisors in the field of quality assurance with the aim of experience exchange and sharing practices were possible due to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European issues of the Slovak Republic and CETIR – Center for Experience Transfer from Integration and Reforms. They followed the previous visit of SSI experts in Podgorica, Montenegro (October 2013) and further advisory activities in ZZS transformation project.


June 2013 – Bratislava – International conference The Magic of the Science Starts at School

On 21st of June 2013, Mr. Jozef Javorek – Senior Chief School Inspector attended a conference on the role and future of science and research in the Slovak educational context „The Magic of Science Starts in School“. The aim of the conference was to highlight the key problems in sciences education, to analyse current trends and needs of schools. Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport Mr. Dušan Čaplovič opened the conference and highlighted the importance of natural sciences in education. Mr. Javorek presented the outcomes of State School Inspection that reflects the teaching of sciences at primary and secondary schools. He mentioned the positives, but also areas for improvement, which might reflect the reasons of low interest of students in sciences.


June 2013 – Bratislava – International conference and workshop of SSI and SICI

The major international SICI conference and workshop „Inspecting the Future“ attended by 30 international and 87 Slovak educationalists, school inspectors and managers was held in the Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava on 5th-7th June 2013. It was prepared in the close cooperation of SSI and SICI at the 10th anniversary of SSI membership in the professional platform of school inspectorates SICI (Standing International Conference of Inspectorates). The conference was held under the auspices of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport Mr. Dušan Čaplovič. In his welcome speach to the participants from 18 countries he stressed the important role of the school inspection in the process of high quality education provision as well as the importance of innovation in education and in the work of external evaluators. The Minister mentioned the need of an independent external evaluation body in the current situation.
The conference in Bratislava was the culmination of a series of workshops (Estonia, London, Portugal and Paris) devoted to the pivotal theme of innovation in education and external school quality evaluation which is the priority topic of interest of all SICI members. The issue reflects the latest trends and policies in education – OECD and EU projects and initiatives - leading to provision of high quality education and so better perspectives of school leavers in their personal and professional life in the 21st century. The outcomes of the intensive debates and discussions stimulated by the key note speakers Professor Graham Donaldson from Glasgow University Scotland and David Istance the leader of the ILE (Innovative Learning Environments project) CERI, OECD) will be condensed and presented in Bratislava Memorandum. This position paper will come out with propositions concerning the innovation and the perspective role of school inspectorates or agencies carrying out external school quality evaluation. The strategical document will be promoted at the SICI General Assembly in Edinburgh in October 2013 and should be a direct contribution of SICI to education policy and practice in the world of global changes and changed educational priorities of 21st century.
The speakers presenting the Slovak educational context offered insight in the situation and presented intentions and outcomes of the SSI national EU project „External evaluation of school quality supporting self-evaluation processes“.

(More information see bellow and at and SICI website.)



June 2013 – Bratislava – agreement of bilateral international cooperation of SSI and CSI

Mr. Jozef Javorek, The Senior School Chief Inspector – Head of State School Inspectorate (SSI) and Mrs. Olga Hoffmannová, the Head of Czech School Inspectorate (CSI) signed the contract of bilateral cooperation in Bratislava on 4th of June 2013. The aim of the professional cooperation is to support the raising of school quality and education standards. Both sides agreed on the key areas of cooperation, on the exchange of information about the activities, projects and programmes and sharing the outcomes.

May 2013 – the Czech Republic – national workshop on vocational education

The workshop Life-long Learning – Vocational Education in the Czech and Slovak Republic held on 15th and 16th May 2013 in Kroměříž was attended by the delegates from SSI – Mr.Jozef Javorek and Mrs. Jarmila Braunova. The aim of the event was to highlight the importance of LLL and vocational education in further perspectives of school leavers employability. It is important to develop innovative approaches and further cooperation of vocational schools and employers cohort.

March 2013 – SSI Headquarters – meeting Ms. Vesna Bulatović from Monte Negro

Ms. Vesna Bulatović the Head of the Department for Quality Assurance from the Bureau for Education Services Monte Negro approached SSI with the request for a professional meeting and visited the SSI headquarters on 27th March 2013. She was intersted in the scope of work of the Slovak School Inspectorate, specific educational topics and showed interest in further cooperation within the context of common issues. Mr. Jozef Javorek – the Head of SSI and members of the management provided information on the aims of SSI, the procedures and areas of school quality evaluation. The agency dealing with the external evaluation of schools in Monte Negro is part of the Ministry of Education. The agency is keen to become a member of SICI and develop the professional capacity under the umbrella of international cooperation. Ms. Lukackova, SSI international links coordinator, explained the work and intentions of SICI and informed Ms. Bulatovic about the prepared SSI and SICI workshop Inspecting the Future to be held in Bratislava in June 2013. She has also presented the outcomes of the national SSI EU project dealing with the external evaluation supporting the self-evaluation processes in schools – the Model and Manual of Self-evaluation. Both sides showes interest to develop further bilateral contacts in professional matters or projects.

March 2013 – Bratislava – meeting with the Russion teachers from St. Peterburg

The Senior Chief School Inspector Mr. Jozef Javorek met 80 participants of the Slovak – Russian project „Quality management – Education and Exchange of Experiences“ on 27th March 2013. He presented the aims and the work of the State School Inspectorate in Slovakia, the external evaluation process at schools which follows aspects of teaching and learning process, school management and material and technical conditions of education provision. The Russian colleagues were interested in the Slovak system of education, school management and evaluation and financing of schools and educational context.


March 2013 – interview about quality in secondary vocational education

The key representative of the consultant agency ICF GHK from Brussels Ms Daniela Uličná visited the SSI Headquarters on 19th March 2013 to discuss the issues of school quality in Slovakia. She has talked to Mrs. Jarmila Braunová and Ms. Zuzana Lukačková about the school management issues and key factors influencing the quality improvement in the area of secondary vocational education reflected in the findings of SSI, QALL and ECVET projects.
Ms. Ulicna was interested in the outcomes of the national project of SSI dealing with External quality assessment supporting the self-evaluation processes and development in schools. The project outcomes – Model and Manual of School Self-evaluation and the implementation of the strategies at vocational schools raised the interest. SSI representatives answered the questions and provided the requested information for the report.

February 2013 – Bratislava – visit of Professor Graham Donaldson at ŠŠI

Professor Graham Donaldson from Glasgow University, the former SICI Prezident and Senior School Chief Inspector of the Scottish School Inspectorate HMIE - the renowned OECD expert in the area of school quality evaluation - accepted the invitation of Mr. Jozef Javorek - Senior Chief School Inspector of Slovakia to visit Bratislava from 11th – 13th February. The aim of his stay was to discuss and prepare the rationalle and programme of the strategical SICI conference and workshop „Inspecting the Future“ in cooperation with SSI representatives who claimed the intention to organize this special professional event in the year of 10th anniversary of SSI membership at SICI. The conference will be held from 5th to 7th June in the Hotel Falkensteiner Bratislava. Invited representatives of OECD, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of SR and other institutions along with SICI member institutions will particicipate in the discussion on latest developments in education and need for innovative changes.
Professor Donaldson met the Slovak school inspectors during his stay in Bratislava. They discussed the key issues of external and internal evaluation and latest changes in education in Scotland and in the world.